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Bioinformatics/Formulation Openings @ Orchids, Chennai:

Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals LtdOrchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
Old Mahabalipuram Road, Sholinganallur,
Chennai - 600 119, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Post Docs / Scientists in Preformulation

The candidate would be responsible to develop relevant formulations in order to identify the most effective dosage form for the molecules in the therapeutic areas of diabetes, inflammation, infectives and cancer. The person should have leadership qualities to manage, train, perform and also coordinate routine ongoing assays.

Position requires a Ph.D.qualification. Excellent scientific publication record, clear leadership potential, strong verbal and written communication skills and an ability to work in team-based environment play a vital role. An in-depth knowledge in the areas of Diabetes, Cancer, Inflammation and Infective diseases will be an advantage.

Bioinformatics Research Associate / Research Executive

The molecular modeling group supports Orchid’s drug discovery effort through the application of multiple computational approaches: structure-based design, virtual screening, library design, pharmacophore modeling, lead-hopping, QSAR and in silico ADME/Tox modeling.

As a molecular modeler, you are expected to support Orchid’s multi-disciplinary discovery teams in the hit identification and hit-to-lead optimization stage. You will contribute to our discovery efforts by applying multiple computational methodologies. A good understanding of computational principles and working knowledge about computational chemistry applications in drug discovery is required.

The position requires:

· A master’s degree in bioinformatics, biophysics or equivalent qualification.

· Minimum 2-3 years of work experience in pharmaceutical industry.

· Experience supporting discovery teams of medicinal chemistry, biology and PK/DM professionals.

· Experience applying various computational techniques in structure-based design and pharmacophore modeling.

· Experience with commercial computational chemistry software packages such as MOE, Schrodinger, Accelrys and Tripos.

· Experience in (i) programming/scripting or (ii) developing relational databases of small molecules is a plus.

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